Welcoming Hedgehogs to the Garden

cute hedgehog in leafs

Hedgehogs are wonderful little creatures and it's a shame that they only come out during the night as we miss their curious and friendly behaviour. It is simply fascinating to watch all types of wildlife come into the garden and watch their daily routines. Local pet stores have started to sell small animal cameras that you can fit into your hedgehog's home and watch from the comfort of your own sofa. A very special feeling indeed.

Welcoming Bird Life to Your Garden

bird in garden

There is nothing more relaxing then sitting in your garden on a summer's day and listening to the birds chirping. Welcoming birds into our gardens wil help them to nest in a safe environment as well as helping us to experience the many different species of these beautiful creatures. Just by creating a few affordable yet stylish feeders and boxes for our wild birds to use, you will certainly see an increase into the different species coming into your garden.

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